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The club is grateful for the support it has received from Martin Lynch & Sons whose website is


Club members and visitors normally meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 8pm in St Peter's Church Hall, Braintree. Further information about our club, how to join and on getting to our meetings is on our About Us page and all are welcome to attend.

We also have a club net on 2m FM on V30/S15 (145.375MHz) on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 8pm and, if there is a 5th Tuesday in the month, via the local GB3BZ 70cm analogue repeater on RU68 (input 438.450MHz output 430.850MHz CTCSS 110.9). Again, all are welcome to join in.

We are on Facebook (Page Badars @CallMoXG Local Business) and also X (formally known as Twitter) (badars @badars_M0XG)

Information on upcoming events can be found on our Programme page and on Facebook. We also have pictures of some of our meetings and other events on our Gallery page. 






It is with great regret that we report the passing of Brian, G3TGB, who was a longstanding and active member of the club. There will be many tributes to follow but for now, we reproduce the bio he used on his online logging entry.


"Born 1929 in Leytonstone, London and lived there all through WWll, I have been constructing radio receivers since about 1938 and have followed the development of Straight ,Regenerative, Superhet etc systems throughout. I am self taught and passed my written exam in 1950 but never got down to the morse until 1964 whilst living in Harlow New Town , Essex. My first transmitter was a home built SSB Phasing rig using valves with which I worked the world on about 25w with an 807 PA. and ground plane antenna 2m high.I progressed to a home built valved crystal filter rig before purchasing a Trio 500 secondhand and now have a TS 440S and an inverted V antenna at 5mts high for 14mhz which is less than 1.3/1 across the entire band without using an ATU. I also have a fully resonant 40m dipole at 5m high.

We moved from Harlow New Town to our present QTH in 1968. 

I am a trained industrial chemist and have been involved in chemical,electrical and vacuum research , early silicon crystal X-ray orientation around 1959 for transistor experiments and in 1968 I constructed the first working models of Liquid Crystal Displays in this country. My final major work before retiring was to develop a 2mm square silicon chip for a head up display that was used in a Grand Prix racing drivers helmet.

I have a number of hobbies that keep me occupied now I am retired and the latest being Family Genealogy where I am back to c.1760 on both family lines. In the past my wife and I did competitive Ballroom Dancing and Formation Dancing where we travelled the length of the country. WE HAVE SEEN LIFE AND MADE MANY FRIENDS IN OUR TRAVELS AT HOME AND ABROAD AROUND EUROPE AND PARTICULARLY VE7 - VANCOUVER. We also have cruised to Spitzbergen,Baltic,Med,N.America,Caribean,S.America and Panama Canal to Australasia."


Brian supported the club events and nets over many years and only over the last few months found it too much for him. That dogged perseverance and sheer enjoyment of amateur radio was typified in one of his favourite photos, showing him carrying on operating the Bocking 'Mills On The Air' station in 2001 as the tent and everything else was being packed away around him!



73 Brian and may you Rest in Peace



 !!! STOP PRESS !!!


Please note that we are now making Zoom available for members to use for our 'on air' nets (including via GB3BZ) as well as at the Church Hall. Zoom will be activated 10-15 minutes before the official start of the meetings and the login details will be as advised by an email sent out to members.

The next meeting at the Church Hall is on Tuesday the 13th February 2024 and will be a 'hands on' operating meeting with a focus on real life setting up and using digital modes with N1MM+. This is a follow up to our last meeting where we watched YouTube videos describing how it was done and members were keen to see it in action and how they could use it on their own equipment.

The following meeting at the Church Hall on Tuesday 27th February also has a practical focus. This time members will be able to build a Slim Jim antenna out of ribbon feeder cable and take it home with them afterwards. 




The last meeting of 2023 at the Church Hall on Tuesday the 12th December was a great success with members enjoying the quizzes, nibbles and conversation at the Christmas Social and Quiz Night. There were great prizes donated for the tombola and the UHF Handheld transceiver first prize in the raffle that was donated by ML&S  was won by Logan, a newcomer to the club and a very worthy winner. The pictures below show Geoff, G1GNQ and Dave, G0DEC receiving the prize at the recent ML&S Open Day, and a very happy Logan receiving the prize at the Christmas Social!





We are now additionally making our club meetings available on Zoom for those who cannot make it to the Church Hall. Please see the November Barscom for more details. 


Unfortunately we didn't have sufficient support to run a club entry in the RSGB VHF National Field Day on 1st and 2nd July. We have recently seen a reduced interest in and support for field days from BADARS club members, so we have removed these from our calendar and will concentrate on other Special Event days (see programme page for details).


The club held its AGM on Tuesday 23rd May 2023 and the outgoing committee was pleased to report that we are finally leaving Covid restrictions behind us and have enjoyed meetings, operating events (e.g. International Marconi Day at Stisted) and special event stations (e.g. Mills On The Air at Alderford Mill).


Less happily we have not been immune from rising costs and the meeting hall costs were not fully covered, therefore we reluctantly have increased our door fee to £2 when we meet in St Peters Church Hall.


John, M5AJB, Dave, G0DEC, Geoff, G1GNQ and Colin, M6NCU remain President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer respectively but with Edwin, G0LPO stepping down, Howard, G6LXK joins Tim, G0JMT as Ordinary Members. A new Co-Opted Member was created on the committee for the club Webmaster who was confirmed as Richard, G4FJC. Mike, G8DJO kindly volunteered to carry on as Editor of Barscom.

The Harold King award for 2023 was presented to Gary, 2E0PTV for his contribution to the magazine and stepping in at short notice to do a presentation at a club meeting when the existing presenter couldn't make it. Mike, G8DJO was awarded the Founders Trophy for his unstinting work on the Barscom magazine which has received wide acclaim and recognition and is the envy of many other clubs. Well done to both Mike and Gary!





Apologies this section hasn't been updated recently - I have been focussing on the headlines and programme but will hopefully find the time to refresh this and other sections soon!


Our annual Summer Camp over the weekend of 6th and 7th August 2022 was hosted by our President John, M5AJB and his wife Rosemary as usual and we had great weather and a great time playing with aerials and radios and socialising. There are some pictures on our Gallery page and some more pictures and videos on our Facebook site.


Our annual BBQ and Natter Night was held at Stisted on Tuesday 12th July 2022 and was a great success.  A good time was had by all, despite the rain shower and have a look at our Gallery page for some pictures.


The club AGM was held on the 24th May 2022 and having reduced our subscription rates through Covid, we have reverted to our normal arrangements and unfortunately had to make a small increase for 2022 - 2023. Details are on our Membership page together with a new membership form to be completed by all members. 


Following our AGM we are pleased to confirm that the existing committee will serve for another year, details can be found on our Committee page.


On 18th April the club used its special event callsign, M0XG to commemorate World Amateur Radio Day from Stisted in Essex. Many members visited the site during the day and enjoyed the sunshine, BBQ and of course radio.  A selection of photos is on our Gallery page.


In October last year the club supported the 1st Castle Headingham Scouts with the return of their Jamboree On The Air at their headquarters. A great time was had by all and more information on the event can be found on our Activity Reports page.


We ran a special event station GB5RD which commemorated Remembrance Day and was operated from members own stations and the Stisted contest site. Updates were posted on Twitter and we have a few pictures on our Gallery page.




The easiest way to answer that question is to invite you to watch a video made by the Radio Society of Great Britain, which can be found here.  If you want to know more, or prefer to read rather than watch, the Radio Society of Great Britain also have a 'Getting Started' section on their website which can be found here.