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GB3BZ Basic Information:




Output 430.850MHz
Input 438.450MHz
CCTSS 110.9Hz


The repeater is located in JO01GW near Beazley End, about 4 miles North of Braintree in Essex. Here is a picture of the mast:



Currently the repeater is analogue only as the dual mode (analogue and DMR) developed problems on the analogue side. So that hardware was removed and the previous analogue only hardware was reinstalled, while the future of the dual mode system was reviewed. Part of that review is the internet access (required for the DMR mode) and how to pay for it.

The current hardware consists of two Icom F6012 UHF mobiles. One is used for the receive side, the second is used for the transmitter side. Both were brought new for this purpose. The advantage of using two radios of the same type is that if for example the transmitter fails all that needs to be done is to swap the radios over to get the repeater back operational.

This is a picture of the type of radio used:






The logic is a Zetron repeater controller, pictured below.




Logic features:

1)    Timeout 5 mins

2)   At the end of an over the repeater gives up to 5 courtesy beeps before going back to standby, or if operators wait for a few beeps before beginning their over, it gives others a chance to call in.


3)   If mains power should fail the repeater will sound an alarm over the air. But don't worry the repeater has a battery backup which should last a day or so!


The repeater is housed in a shared equipment rack, pictured below.